What is Microsoft is up to? Improvements to Skydrive, Office Web Apps for the iPad

Like a lot of people I have been debating whether I should pre-order a Windows Surface RT or wait till I can try it first.

The main attraction that I have to the new platform is to eventually obtain full compatibility to Microsoft Office documents on a mobile tablet device, functionality that Apple Pages and even QuickOffice simply do not offer.

Whilst there are rumours that Microsoft will introduce an iOS Office Application, they are either rumours or merely wishful thinking. Until LAST NIGHT, my attempts to use Microsoft Web Applications miserably failed, they did not appear to be compatible with iOS Safari or iOS Chrome. That experience changed last night.

[UPDATE: It would appear that Web Apps were changed in July (see http://bit.ly/XIRG5H), but the update completely escaped my notice until now]

I created this post as a word document on the Skydrive.com using the Word Web App and editing it on an iPad 2(with iOS6). Whilst I have only tried the Word Web App, and the One Note Web App they appear to be fully functional.

Why would Microsoft release them? No doubt to show case the functionality of the new Windows 8 UI (Metro) and Windows Office 2013 RT. Try it yourself. It is a winner

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