Dear Mr Microsoft Why can I not connect Windows 8 Mail App to Exchange -update and the Solution?

Dear Mr Microsoft

I have bought my RT Surface. Even though I am sure that it will be so much better than my iPad, why do you make it so much harder to connect the mail app to exchange server? Whilst I suspect that my trouble may arise from a self-signed certificate, your app does not tell me!!!!!! I am left to guess, to google, only to find that many others are also not able to connect the windows mail app to exchange, with no clear answer to be found.


(PS. It is quite irritating to see posts that threads that could lead to the answer being terminated by some moderator only because it was located on the w8 consumer preview forum – and yes the problem still exists with the release version of windows 8 pro and the rt version. I know because I am having the same problem with both versions)

(PS. I prepared this post on the RT and saved it to skydrive. I would not have attempted to do so on the iPad. That was the reason I bought the RT and I am happy)

Possible SOLUTION?

@MSAUTECH responded to my post, invited me to

and the solution may exist here

14 November 2012 – Further Update AND THE SOLUTION

After a lot of failures I have finally been able to get the self signed certificate installed on the RT and Mail connected to Exchange.

What I discovered is that you cannot install the certificate using Internet Explorer (by using the import wizard). The certificate installed using this method does not appear to all the necessary information.

I only got it to work by exporting the certificate as a “.p7b” file from my office workstation, saving that file to the network, and then importing that file using the Certificate Manager on RT.

To export the certificate you need to

1. using IE browse to the url containing the mail exchange eg “”

2. click the keylock symbol on the right hand side of the IE address window.

3. request to view the certificate

4. select the “Details” Tab

5. select “Copy to File”

6. run the Certificate Export Wizard”

7. Select the “Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard – PKCS #7 Certificate (.P7B)” format.

8. Name the file and save it to the network, from which you will then be able to import the file on the RT.

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