When a Software Update is a Retrograde Step

Generally, I normally welcome software and application upgrades, I am one of the first to download them pand I generally welcome the new features (I even updated to iOS6).

Unfortunately, in the last 24 hours I have received two updates that I have not welcomed.

Itunes 11

I have never found Windows Media Player or iTunes intuitive, when it comes to music syncing. I tolerated iTunes only for the purposes of backing up iPad and downloading applications. While iTunes 11 may still automatically backup the program has otherwise been totally changed. Even being able to locate how to download a application update, is not immediately obvious and takes a lot of menu searching. It is not even immediately obvious how to even see the connection to the iPhone or iPad.


Zite also introduced an major update yesterday. My favourite new aggregator has gone. It also has been totally changed. One feature that I often used was to open the web page in safari. Whilst you area still able to do that, it is now hidden in a sub menu to a sub menu [UPDATE: The feature  jumps to the top of the move option  after it first use]. I much preferred to look and feel of the old version.

Regretfully, as I do not have a comparable application to replace it. I will have to persevere, and I am still looking forward it being introduced as a Windows 8 Metro App. Its main competition in that environment is Bing News which only shares links to Bing News Website. To read that site you need Window 8. How dumb/conceited is that!!!

UPDATE 10 December 2012: The new Zite is growing on me slowly but I still prefer the look and fell of the old version.

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