Adobe PDF Reader now available for Windows 8 RT

Available today (12 December) for download is the Adobe Reader App for Windows. The App appeared in the Store with apparently no publicity at all. I could not find any report of it from any other source. It was not given any precedence on the store. It’s only review and three star rating was given by me. It offers similar functionality as the Windows Reader App but does not offer any annotation. It handles Bookmarks better, but it does not link to external pdf files (neither does Windows Reader). It also does not provide any ability (as far as I can determine) to open multiple pdfs at the same time (neither does Window Reader). It is also not possible to have more than one instance of the reader open at any one time. I understand from my son, Tim, that is a restriction of Windows RT. As a work around it is of course possible to have one pdf open in Adobe Reader, and another open in Windows Reader.

JDC 13/12/2012


I recently published the following blog Microsoft Reader App 8.1 Preview – the Hidden Gem that details the capabilities of the Microsoft Metro App Reader in Windows 8.1 Preview. This App is a lot more capable than any other PDF reader presently available.

JDC 18/7/2013

2 thoughts on “Adobe PDF Reader now available for Windows 8 RT

  1. Geert De Prest

    Is there a PDF reader for Windows RT available now that will permit hyperlinks to other pdf files in the folder (not just links to other places in the same PDF)?


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