The Dropbox Windows (Metro) App has finally arrived

As with most Metro Apps, the power and functionality of the Apps are often not immediately apparent. TThe App offers very similar functionality to Skydrive, in fact, like Skydrive it appears to bestow upon most Metro UI Apps the capability to open and save files to your Dropbox. I have verified that you can open and save (back to your Dropbox) files in:

  • The Windows Reader App
  • PDF Touch; and
  • eWallet

Unlike, iOS Application where the Dropbox capabilities need to specially programmed into each iOS App.

Functionally as far as Metro Apps concerned the Dropbox file operations are identical to Skydrive file operations.

Dropbox will also open office documents using the Desktop Office Application but it will not let you save back to Dropbox.

Curiously Dropbox:

  • does not connect to all Metro Apps. The most notable being the Windows Photo App, that App does not connect to Dropbox at all. That App does not use the standard “file open and save” APIs, but instead aggregates and consolidates photos from various locations and sources. However, as the Dropbox browser includes a comparable Photo Viewer not much is lost.
  • Does not appear to offer the capability of downloading a file from you Dropbox However, given you can open most files from the Dropbox browser, this is not a great problem.

The App will be most useful to those users who already have a Dropbox Account. I have both Skydrive and Dropbox Accounts; I will continue to use Skydrive as my primary cloud storage particularly on the RT.

The program can be downloaded from the link below.

Dropbox app for Windows in the Windows Store

Learn more about Dropbox by Dropbox, Inc. and download it from the Windows Store

2 thoughts on “The Dropbox Windows (Metro) App has finally arrived

  1. Sascha Wager

    I am unable to open a .wlt file for ewallet on WinRT (Microsoft Surface) out of a Dropbox folder. It says “Wallet Not Selected”. Doesn’t matter whether I double click on teh wallet file in teh dropbox folder or select it in the ewallet app. Workaround might be to save local copy then save back to dropbox. But why do that when this functionality exists in Skydrive without a problem. How were you able to open ewallet files out of a dropbox folder?

    1. Jeffrey Chard Post author


      I rarely use dropbox these days. I moved my ewallet file to skydrive a long time ago. I do recall that I was able to open the ewallet file from dropbox from the ewallet app. I agree that why bother when Onedrive works so well.,


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