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Microsoft Reader App 8.1 Preview – the Hidden Gem

I have in several previous blogs complained that Windows RT and Windows Surface RT did not have a Metro PDF reader that matched the capabilities of Goodreader on the iPad.

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to the release of Windows 8.1 Preview was the hope that it would include an improved Reader app. I was disappointed in reading all the reviews of the 8.1 Preview there was no mention of any improvements to the Reader App in the media. I was therefore very surprised to discover, that the Microsoft’s Metro Reader App does contain most of all the improved capabilities I was hoping for. It can now:

  1. open a maximum of 5 PDFs at the same time; and
  2. those PDFs can be viewed either in separate windows or switched by selecting tabs

The Reader App will not automatically close a PDF document if you open another.

Two Sample PDF’s shown open in separate windows.

The Metro App retains all its existing annotation and commenting capabilities. It is now a very powerful PDF reader.

The Reader App only recognises internal hyperlinks. It cannot open an externally hyperlinked pdf document; neither does Goodreader. Nor does it recognises embedded PDF documents that may be in a PDF Portfolio; neither does Goodreader.

Given the inherent advantages of the Windows RT in recognising USB drives, the Metro App by default has become a much more capable pdf (and XPS) reader than Goodreader can ever achieve.

Some functionality (opening multiple instances of itself) could result from the additional functionality of Windows 8.1. It could also be we can look forward to similar functional improvements (and more) in Adobe Reader Touch and other PDF readers in the Store once 8.1 is officially released.

JDC 17 July 2013